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Major Alarm, Inc. offers a wide variety of surveillance system configurations, package sizes, wired and wireless to fit your needs. Surveillance systems aren’t just for commercial applications such as wineries, retail stores, cannabis grow facilities, and more, but for residential installations as well. Many people think that a security system will always result in the bad guy getting caught, but reality is a little different. Often times an intruder will flee the scene once it is known to him/her that there is an alarm system. Then are you stuck with a broken window, door, or worse and no one around to pin the bill on? With a camera system you have a much better chance of getting the perpetrator recorded and being able to give the authorities something to work with. This increases the chance of getting the bad guy off the streets and eliminating the chance for that person to return and try again.

There are systems that are wireless so you’re not committed to camera location or unsightly cables. Some systems offer cloud¬† storage so there’s no large recorder in the house collecting dust. All surveillance systems have their inherited good points and bad points, but we always find a package that fits your needs.

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Installation of CCTV surveillance system at Caltrans in Sacramento area
Caltrans Warehouse Building

Commercial and Residential Surveillance Systems

We have installed numerous systems throughout Sonoma County, in fact, throughout Northern California. Most of the Caltrans facilities in Northern California use CCTV systems that Major Alarm, Inc. installed and maintain. Major Alarm, Inc. integrates the NVR (Netwrok Video Recorder) and IP cameras of their new surveillance systems in to their existing network, while keeping network security as the highest priority. Installations also include automotive and motorcycle dealerships, many retail service businesses, and numerous residences.

Major Alarm, Inc. is currently working on offering a service contract associated with surveillance systems we install to further insure a properly working system at all times.

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