Security System Monitoring

Security system monitoring is imperative to any business owner in California. With security system monitoring installation from Major Alarm, Inc., you send an immediate message to potential threats with state of the art equipment at your gates. HD security cameras installed with our video surveillance systems, are laser focused to assist in capturing anyone who dares to cause alarm to your business, home or commercial residential properties. With the installation of your intrusion detection system and or fire detection system, it is always advised to have 24/7 monitoring of the system(s). So even when you aren’t on location, or soundly sleeping, every hour of the day there is someone looking over the safety of you or your property. If our intervention is required due to an alarm threat, our trained monitoring professionals will immediately contact you.

When necessary we are ready to contact emergency agencies at a moment’s notice. Our clients count on us to provide the quality service they need for security alarm monitoring and fire system monitoring. Even if we did not install your system we can provide expert monitoring. You can be confident that prompt and dependable service is just a phone call away.

We believe the best results come about when the same company handles design, service and monitoring. Since Major Alarm, Inc’s Business Security operates from a central location, customers experience consistent service and dedication to rapid response in the event of an emergency. This also allows Major Alarm, Inc to control the flow of information and the quality of those who handle it.

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Security System Monitoring

Trusted by Sonoma County Wineries


Security system needs vary by project, but when it comes to commercial security systems, Major Alarm Inc. is trusted like no other security system in the Northern California Bay Area.

We provide video monitoring of security and fire detection systems to the best Sonoma County and Napa County wineries like Chateau Montelena, (yes, the very same winery featured in the movie “Bottle Shock”) Comstock Winery, Merriam Vineyards and more.

When your business possesses highly sought after products, a video surveillance system is as crucial as a theft deterrent. In fact, California State legislatures continue to improve upon the security measures required for agricultural growers of their products. Medical marijuana facilities are continually struggling to implement the demands for safer production, storage and transportation of cannabis products. Major Alarm Inc. has been trusted to keep California businesses safe.

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