Access Control

Access Control has become a hot topic in California Agricultural Growers news. Producers of highly desirable product (like our local wineries, cannabis producers, etc.) are requiring more tightly controlled inventory, employee access control and video monitoring.

In absence of product and inventory to protect, it's wise to let us more efficiently deter employee retaliation when they have been let go. A lapse in discontinuing grounds in access can lead to costly damage and in some instances, even law suites.

Employee safety, employee turnover, internal/external losses are all common challenges businesses face today. Major Alarm, Inc. offers a comprehensive product line of keyless access control systems, ranging from small single door applications to multi-site campus style systems. When integrated with our system software, these customizable access systems not only eliminate the risk of physical keys, but also create full-featured business management tools.

Major Alarm, Inc's Access Control Systems regulate the movement of people into and within your building to help protect your employees, property and company information. You avoid key problems and have the ability to view where people are on your premises at any given moment, real time. This cost-effective means of preventing unauthorized entry also provides a permanent record of anyone on your premises without inconveniencing your employees or disrupting your business.

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Access Control


Employee security has never been as important as it is right now. California continues to expand the legalities of it's locally grown agriculture. Legislature and changing laws are requiring more heightened security for facilities producing, storing and transporting cannabis and medical marijuana products. Major Alarm Inc. continues to be Northern Californias leader in employee security and video monitoring.

If you have any inventory worth protecting, trust Major Alarm Inc. to manage your access control. We protect what's important to California.