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Amelia Benjamin wins a $1000 scholarship.

Major Alarm, Inc is proud to award a scholarship to Amelia Benjamin from the Forestville 4H club in the amount of $1000. Amelia will be attending SRJC in the fall majoring in animal sciences. We are proud of Amelia and all of the hard work she has put into 4H and her scholastic pursuits!

Our owner, Steve Ameral, recently joined the 4-H Foundation board of directors and looks forward to assisting with many upcoming fundraising opportunities for this great organization! He has supported 4-H for many years now and is proud to give his time and serve the foundation in this capacity. We hope you can join us at upcoming events to help support this fantastic organization and what it brings to our community and our youth!

You can visit their Facebook Page at the 4-H Foundation of Sonoma County Facebook Page.

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Why Major Alarm, Inc?


Intruders target the most vulnerable homes and businesses, making it unlikely that they will challenge a Major Alarm security system. The Major Alarm, Inc yard sign and window sticker announce a powerful message and strong deterrent. When potential intruders see the Major Alarm, Inc yard sign or window stickers, they know the home or business is well protected and are likely to move on to an easier target.

Avoiding Conflict

A Major Alarm, Inc system helps protect your home when you’re not there, and helps protect you and your family when you are. By deterring intruders, or sounding an alarm to alert you of their presence, the system gives you an opportunity to react without having to confront the intruder.

Fire Protection

Major Alarm, Inc’s monitored smoke detectors detect and alert you and the fire department to a smoldering fire in its early stages, whether you are at home or away.

Minimizing Loss

Should an intruder choose to challenge a Major Alarm, Inc security system, a siren alerts homeowners to danger. The intruder will recognize the need to flee or risk being caught. This leaves very little opportunity for theft.

Is a Security system right for you?

Each year, about 1 in 50 U.S. homes gets broken into. Although the incidence of burglaries is fairly low, over time, the odds can turn against you. And given the financial, physical and psychological damage that can result from a burglary, it makes sense to do what you can to become more secure.
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