Access Control Systems

Generally for commercial applications, access control systems allow you just that, control over who has access to what and when. For example, you have a large multi-story building and a large quantity of employees, but they aren’t all allowed to access all areas and floors. With an access control system you can create groups within your database of employees, allowing certain groups to access only which doors you assign. Not only which doors, but what times on what days. Or simply schedule a door to automatically unlock for certain hours of the day (like a public entry during business hours).

People’s credentials are seamlessly checked when a request to access is presented via a prox card or fob to a proximity reader. If they are allowed, the door unlocks. If not, it doesn’t. If the door is left open when it shouldn’t, it is monitored for those situations. All these things and more are recorded and stored in the database for the end user to use as needed. The whole system can be tied into the fire system and in the event of a fire alarm, all the doors unlock for easy egress.

This is only the tip of what an access control system can do. When installed correctly, the security of controlled access and the information that generates from the system, makes it a powerful tool.

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At Dow Development Labs, custom fabrication on their access control needs took place in house.
Dow Development Labs – Production Room Access

Custom Access Control Applications

Not all doors are created equal. Access control isn’t always needed on just your standard doors. Not only do custom doors require a bit of finesse, but sometimes they aren’t doors at all. Pictured above is a production room at Dow Development Labs where there isn’t an electric strike or electro-magnet set up that is made to fit. Fabrication of the magnet mount had to be designed and created from scratch, all done in house at Major Alarm, Inc. A large wooden gate for the receiving area at the new Penngrove Market also proved to be custom fabrication job for their access control. The most challenging and rewarding are the installations at Chateau Montelena where much of their needs were fabricated by them, and and we had to make it work. Being the structure was built in 1888, there are passage ways carved from rock leading to priceless wines and other old pathways. Keeping the integrity of the environment. structurally and visually, was of the utmost importance. Major Alarm, Inc. stepped up to the occasion.

Caltrans uses our access control installations throughout Northern California. Not just for doors, but for automotive gate access, parking lot access, and elevator control as well. The Stanley PAC system is proven reliable and robust enough to handle hundreds of door controllers, hundreds of buildings spanning a large geographical area, all being managed from one location.

To see more on access control systems, take a look at our access system page.

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