Our Services

Our Services

We provide many services that provide security, safety, and preservation of life for you, your family, your business and more.
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With 24/7 monitoring you will always have someone watching out for you, even when you forget about it. Our monitoring prices are rarely beat.

Access Control

Access control allows you to take control of, maintain and monitor access to your business. Scheduling when to unlock and lock doors, logging use, and so much more.

CCTV – Video Surveillance

We deal, install, and maintain a  variety of different makes and models of camera systems. From small wireless systems to more advanced IP network cameras. Almost all have night time capabilities and are motion activated to eliminate unwanted useless video, and more.

Intrusion Detection

Since 1998, our business has focused on providing business security to companies just like yours. With over a decade of experience, we understand that loss prevention is a concern for businesses of all sizes. Our job is to take business security off your list of concerns.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection – Fire can easily devastate any business. In an instant, fire can threaten lives and damage inventory, customer records and property. It can even derail the very mission of your business.

Recent Projects

News and Updates

Amelia Benjamin wins a $1000 scholarship.

Major Alarm, Inc is proud to award a scholarship to Amelia Benjamin from the Forestville 4H club in the amount of $1000. Amelia will be attending SRJC in the fall majoring in animal sciences. We are proud of Amelia and all of the hard work she has put into 4H and her scholastic pursuits! Our

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Why Major Alarm, Inc?

Deterrence Intruders target the most vulnerable homes and businesses, making it unlikely that they will challenge a Major Alarm security system. The Major Alarm, Inc yard sign and window sticker announce a powerful message and strong deterrent. When potential intruders see the Major Alarm, Inc yard sign or window stickers, they know the home or

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