Security cameras, fire alarm systems, access control, and burglar alarm systems all work together to help ensure safety of people and property, as well as help businesses run smoothly and safely. Major Alarm, Inc. is dedicated to not just meeting, but exceeding a customer’s expectations in areas of cost, efficiency, quality of work, and service with all of these system installations.

The demand for home security systems are on the rise, as well as residential and commercial video surveillance systems. Burglar alarm systems are designed to the customer’s needs and installed with minimal interference of their day to day routine. Home security systems and commercial security systems are monitored 24/7 by Major Alarm, Inc. so the customer can relax when not on the premises.

Major Alarm, Inc. installs fire alarm systems that exceed state requirements to ensure life safety. We handle every phase of the system development from CAD drawings to installation, to testing and certification.  Major Alarm, Inc. monitors the fire alarm systems 24/7, informing the customer of any issues from minor troubles, to full alarm.  Dispatch times are are only seconds from received alarms, guaranteeing the best possible prevention of loss due to fire.